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Customer Collaboration

Reach out to your customers so they can respond to you

Our Supply Chain Management solutions extend the reach of optimization beyond the boundaries of your organization by providing collaboration tools for your extended supply chain. By providing a web based tool for access to relevant data in your supply chain solution, fulfillment operations can be streamlined and experience high levels of accuracy and customer service.

Customer collaboration deals with improving customer service levels through information sharing over the internet.

Key Features

  • Self-Serve Internet Portal
  • Returns and Claims Entry Workflow
  • Web Commerce Features
  • Order and Invoice History
  • Order Tracking/Proof of Delivery Reporting
  • Context-Sensitive Online Help
  • Order and Back Order Change Management
  • Role-Based Authorization
  • Segmented Billboard

Here's Customer Collaboration can do for you

Get More Efficient

Reduces application administration costs when multiple sites are managed in a single system instance.

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Improves customer loyalty with rich online experience and productivity tools. And, lower your cost of sales by letting customers serve themselves online.

Increase Sales

Boost sales and fill rates with increased order accuracy and automatic prompting for replacements and substitute products.