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Intuitive ERP Software

The Intuitive ERP system provides an intuitive and flexible tool set that can handle all the front and back-office operations of a discrete manufacturing company. Click any of the options below to explore the functionality Intuitive ERP has to offer.


Generate plans on demand, analyze material requirements, control production costs and scheduling, and manage resource efficiency.

Inventory Management

Manage detailed inventory records, maintain optimal inventory levels, simplify inventory transactions, automate frequently performed tasks, ship and receive goods, track material location/lot information, track serial numbers, utilize bar coding and bar code labeling, and perform cycle counting and physical inventories.

Engineering Management

Create and maintain multi-level visual bills of material, manage product data, design routings and standard processes, and track and control engineering changes.

Purchasing Management

Manage procurement, organize and maintain detailed vendor information, maintain a bid matrix, create purchase orders or generate purchase orders from planned orders, manage requisitions, and receive and inspect vendor shipments.

Manufacturing Management

Plan and schedule production, enter and track work orders, control the shop floor, monitor production status, manage material and equipment capacity, promise deliveries, and track time and attendance.

Financial Management

Create budgets and monitor cash flow, process accounts payable and accounts receivable, generate general ledger activities, reconcile financial accounts, and track material, labor and production costs. Create professional presentations with your financial statements.

Order Processing

Provide quotes and estimates, enter and maintain complex sales orders or convert quotes directly to sales orders, create new items, bills of material and routings on-the-fly, maintain price matrices, and ship finished product.

Product Configurator

Quote, sell and deliver complex, custom-configured products, compress the quote to delivery cycle, view design and pricing changes automatically, and simplify the collection and management of critical product data.

Quality Control

Inspect incoming (purchased) and outgoing (manufactured) materials, inspect returned materials, trace defective parts to their original location/lot, and maintain data on instruments and equipment.


Perform real-time Statistical Process Control at all inspection points throughout the system, including work-in-process, purchasing, and material review/return.

Return Material Authorization

Handle the return of materials, automatically de-book sales, commissions and taxes, create customer credits, and request and document RMA samples.

Demand Forecasting

Generate forecasts based on usage data and multiple forecasting methodologies, generate demand requirements based on forecasts, and analyze forecasts compared to actual data.

Payroll Assistant

Manage your employees' salary and job histories, benefit eligibilities and uses, and process payroll.


Maintain real-time workflow communication by automating customized messages to vendors and customers as well as employees for specific system events, via e-mail, on-screen messaging, or pager.

Project Management

Establish projects and master projects, associate Project IDs with all facets of the system, maintain a Project ID in multi-level manufacturing and procurement orders tied to a given sales order, report on revenues, expenses and profit/loss for any project, and report on progress billing.