Solutions for skills development, training & course management

One of the biggest challenges for training institutions and corporate training departments is offering personalized service to students or trainees to support their progress, while also tracking plans, courses, and assessments. Pivotal CRM for Education is a skills development, training, and course management solution built on the Pivotal CRM 6 platform. It offers you powerful out-of-the-box features for education and the ability to further tailor the solution to mirror your specific training or course management processes.

Whether you are a professional development organization, corporate human resources group or a national-level training agency, Pivotal CRM for Education gives you a powerful system for managing your process.

Key Features

  • Unit Standard Framework 
  • Qualification Set-up with Defined Achievement Criteria
  • Training Program/Pathway Definitions
  • On-Job (workplace) and Off-Job (course or correspondence) Assessment Management
  • Progress Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Course Scheduling, Planning and Automated Trainee Allocation
  • Government Funding Agency KPI and Data Exchange Reporting
  • Business Development and Account Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Here’s what Pivotal CRM for Education can do for you

Accelerate Time to Market

Leverage effective segmentation, optimized sales teams, and high-impact marketing campaigns to bring your courses and training programs to market sooner—and smarter.

Improve Completion Rates

Automate progress and learning calculations with exception alerts. These alerts trigger a personalized engagement with each student – encouraging further achievement or identifying where progress has stopped, while promoting achievement through regular, automated communication.

Increase Re-Enrollment

Gain visibility into profitability and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, based on course road maps or learning pathways, to encourage re-enrollment and/or ongoing skill development.