CRM for Financial Services

Working together to build relationship capital

Trust is the foundation of successful long-term relationships and in financial services, trust is earned by delivering value and highly-personalized service. Today, that means you need the support of a finance customer relationship management solution.

At Pivotal, we know that no two businesses within your industry are the same. The CRM requirements of commercial or retail banks are vastly different from those of high-stakes asset management or mutual fund wholesaling. For this reason, our approach to developing tools for you is to give you a finance CRM solution built for the way you work and give you the flexibility to make it a perfect custom fit.

Dive into your Pivotal CRM Financial Services solutions

Capital Markets

Optimize deal opportunities and client relationships with tools that enhance collaboration and support for sales, research and trading.

Commercial Banking

Differentiate your client experience with powerful process automation and insight into the full client profile and banking influencers.

MRM for Credit Unions

A comprehensive member relationship management solution offering tools for developing detailed member profiles, matching members to products and delivering a highly-personalized level of service across each member’s financial lifetime.

Retail Banking

Improve clients’ experience with every interaction, while consistently building client loyalty, capitalizing on cross-sell opportunities, and increasing profitability.

Institutional Asset Management

Gain deep insight into client needs, drive better internal collaboration and speed the execution of multi-step processes.

Mutual Fund Wholesaling

Maximize your profitability with streamlined processes and at-a-glance visibility into broker preferences and performance.

Private Banking/Wealth Management

Drive increased share of wallet with automated processes and visibility into client preferences, households and investing influencers.