Commercial Banking

Maximize your wallet share with CRM tools built just for you

To compete with today’s global banks and regional credit unions, you have to work harder to ensure that your clients feel valued. But, how can you deliver enhanced service without driving up service costs and discouraging clients? In today's business environment, commercial banks face increasing competition from new players, including global banks and alternative funding sources. In response, they need to work harder to ensure their clients feel valued and receive high-quality service that promotes client loyalty. Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking provides the foundation and tools you need to implement processes that maximize opportunities and create client experiences that differentiate you from the competitors.

Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking is an industry-specific solution that enables you to develop deep insight into your clients' needs and preferences, accompanied by tools that help you automate multi-step processes, track performance, and collaborate better as a team.

Our CRM solution mirrors the business processes and data models commonly used by commercial banks like yours. Its flexible platform supports seamless connections to the entire firm, including back-office financial systems. With an industry-tailored client relationship management system, you are well-positioned to delight clients with the personalized service that makes banking with you a natural choice.

Key Features

  • Company and Contact Profiles
  • Relationship and Influence Tracking
  • Activity Management and Planning
  • Account Alerts
  • Productivity Tools
  • Cross-Selling Tools
  • Workflow Management
  • Power Searches
  • Lead Management
  • Territory Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Product and Research Management
  • Service Tracking
  • Privacy Compliance and Disclosure
  • Literature and Materials Fulfillment
  • Broker Gifts and Value Tracking
  • Administrative Assistant Portal
  • Handheld CRM

Here’s what Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking can do for you

Manage Opportunities for Optimum Productivity

Centralize and streamline business opportunity management to deliver superior results and increase productivity. Opportunities for internal commercial banking affiliates, such as Cash Management, can be easily identified to increase referrals. Opportunities, activities and next steps can be assigned to individuals or groups.

Coordinate the Specialized Activities of Multi-Functional Teams

Coordinate and apply resources where they will be most effective by creating detailed action plans and assigning steps to individual team members. Improve collaboration, achieve efficiencies, pool information and insight, and ensure everyone is on the same page with a central location for sharing account activity and information.

Develop & Retain Corporate Knowledge

Build a centralized, shared client intelligence repository that can be leveraged across the firm and endures in the event of employee departure, protecting your investment in building important client relationships and ensuring service continuity.

Efficiently Manage Multi-Step Processes

Eliminate repetitive daily tasks with built-in workflows that increase efficiency. Data-driven workflows can coordinate and accelerate the numerous steps and stakeholders involved in critical processes such as account setup.

Increase Client Retention

Deliver more proactive and personalized services, informed by a deep understanding of client preferences and needs. Increase client satisfaction and retention.