Healthcare Insurance

Automate the member cycle with CRM made for you

As a healthcare payer, you are probably facing pressure to deliver new value by lowering medical costs, decreasing administrative waste, and improving the medical outcomes of your members. But, if you’re like most payers, inefficient, paper-based processes are still weighing on your ability to increase member service.

Pivotal CRM for Healthcare Insurance is an industry-tailored CRM solution designed to improve the overall effectiveness of your entire front-office operation. It enables you to link six key functional areas—lead management, new business quoting, renewal processing, rating/underwriting, online enrollment, and back-office integration—into a consolidated and customer-focused operation to boost overall productivity, make your organization easier to do business with, and enable strategic decision-making.

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Member View
  • Automated Processes
  • Broker Management Tools
  • Renewal Processing
  • New Business Quoting
  • Lead Management
  • Rating/Underwriting
  • Online Enrollment
  • Back Office Integration

Here’s what Pivotal CRM for Healthcare Insurance can do for you

Reduce Paper Touches

Automate the handoff between departments and third parties to streamline sales and renewals.

Consolidate Member Data

Gather disparate sources of member data in a single repository for more efficient member service.

Grow Membership

Deliver more proactive and personalized service to members to retain those you have and attract new members.

Improve Broker Loyalty

Make your organization easier to do business with. Let brokers focus on selling with less administrative work.

Manage Renewals for Profitability

Know when renewals are approaching. Proactively reach out to secure renewals and reduce member churn.

Automate Underwriting

Remove this time-consuming, error-prone process from your member sales and renewal cycle.