Home Building & Real Estate

Customer relationship management, made for you

As organizations in the Home Building & Real Estate industry look to sustain growth, many are realizing that their customers are their most valuable assets. To support new customer-driven business strategies, these companies are turning to Pivotal CRM to become more competitive in selling, marketing, and providing service to their customers.

Pivotal CRM for Home Building & Real Estate offers comprehensive, integrated, industry-specific capabilities that increase insight into operational performance, streamline processes across the value chain, and improve responsiveness to your customers’ demands. Whether you’re in the business of financing, building, selling, servicing, or managing homes or property, Pivotal provides the systems and infrastructure you need to reduce costs, shorten sales cycles, and increase productivity, while helping create customers for life.

Key Features

  • Automated Marketing
  • Lead Capture and Profiling
  • Lead Qualification and Distribution
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Marketing ROI Tracking
  • Productivity Tools
  • Structured Sales Methodology
  • Territory Management
  • Quote and Contract Management
  • Service and Warranty Tracking
  • Service-Request Analysis
  • Service-Request and Work-Order Management
  • Home Inspection Management
  • Event Management
  • Contact Management
  • Company Management
  • Activity Management
  • Sales Management
  • Product Administration
  • Options Management
  • Financial Calculator
  • Warranty Service
  • Homebuyer Surveying
  • Risk Management
  • Handheld CRM

Here’s what Pivotal CRM for Home Building & Real Estate can do for you

Leverage Low-Cost Online Channels

Capitalize on the more than 70% of homebuyers using the web to search for homes by effectively attracting and capturing online leads.

Improve Lead Volume & Quality

Attract higher-volume, better-quality leads with fewer marketing resources using personalized, multi-wave e-marketing campaigns, online event management, and automated literature fulfillment.

Accelerate Follow-Up

Ensure every lead is immediately delivered to the right agent or channel and consistently followed up on by automating marketing and lead management.

Speed Up Sales

Shorten the sales cycle and lower cost of sales by focusing sales efforts on prospects who are ready to buy.

Automate Sales Processes

Streamline the sales process and reduce administrative time with automated prospecting, configuration, quoting, financing, and contract management.

Boost Referrals

Increase repeat sales and customer referrals by improving customer communications and implementing "tell a friend" programs.

Improve Customer Care

Increase customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional post-sales customer care with efficient tools that lower service costs.