Municipal Government

CRM solutions for citizen requests & complaints

As a municipal government organization, you are under extraordinary pressure to create services that deliver new value with lighter tax loads, less administrative waste, professional accountability, and better community services.

The Pivotal CRM for Municipal Government provides a rich array of functions that can be customized to optimize your best practices for citizen relations. It has been designed specifically to manage requests and complaints from citizens and emergency services. This allows you to create lasting, beneficial relationships – one citizen at a time.

Give your citizens a one-stop service to check city library hours, complain about a neighbor's barking dog, report an abandoned car, or send positive feedback to the parks department for a job well done. With Pivotal, call center agents can get a better overview on citizens and access knowledge databases, enabling them to respond immediately to requests or create a new request and track it through to resolution.

Key Features

  • 360-Degree Citizen Profiler
  • Supports Single Municipality Phone Number or 311 Service
  • Central Integrated Database
  • Tailored Information Portal
  • Pre-Defined Scripts
  • Template Manager
  • Work-Order Management
  • Accessible Using a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld device
  • Reporting
  • ESRI Geomatics Database Integration
  • Real-Time Agent Location (field agents)
  • Intelligent Internet Architecture

Here’s what the Pivotal CRM for Municipal Government can do for your municipality

Reduce 911 Calls by up to 50%

By using a single number or the 311 service to contact all municipal departments, you can expect to see a significant reduction in calls to 911.

Obtain a Single View of All Citizens

The solution provides a portal designed specifically for municipal contact centers, giving agents single-click access to all municipal information on a single screen. This helps improve first-response times and boosts productivity by reducing duplicate data entry, duplication of work and information, paperwork and storage requirements, and the resources needed to resolve a request. The portal also allows you to monitor all logged requests.

Manage Relations with One Central Database

The solution offers a single database that merges information about citizens, partners, suppliers, employees, and elected officials. You can quickly access the history of citizen–department interactions to understand past communications and provide better service.

Ensure Focused & Consistent Request Processing

Improve productivity by using a list of tasks specific to submitted request types. Templates allow agents to use pre-defined scripts, so service remains consistent throughout the organization. Pre-defined processes send information to the right department and the right person, enabling agents to track requests more efficiently.

Locate Requestors on a Local Map

Through integration with ESRI Geomatics databases, the system allows you to locate the citizen submitting a request, plus relevant field agents, on a map in real time. This helps minimize duplicate tasks, facilitates planning and organizational work.

Manage Work Orders

Create, print, monitor, and process work orders. You can also use the system to manage material, labor, and machine costs, as well as to generate reports on work order costs by request, territory, or other parameters.

Generate Accountability & Service-Level Monitoring

Generate more than 30 report types to measure departmental efficiency and compliance with quality standards, supporting your commitment to accountability.