Senior Living

Comprehensive sales, marketing & service support for Senior Living

Do you find it challenging to maintain your target occupancy levels while minimizing your sales and marketing costs? It’s a constant challenge to devote the resources needed to attract new guests while maintaining your focus on increasing services for your current guests. Pivotal CRM for Senior Living is a comprehensive sales and marketing system designed specifically for Senior Living organizations like yours.

Pivotal CRM for Senior Living helps you streamline your sales and marketing efforts.  For example, you can automatically generate time-phased personalized communications, through either e-mail or direct mail. The system also gives your sales team the tools they need to manage referrals and effectively follow up with new guests and their families. From running a marketing campaign to managing your wait list, Pivotal CRM for Senior Living helps you work smarter.

Key Features

  • Lead Management
  • Wait-List Management
  • Ad-Hoc Query
  • Activity Management
  • Referral Management
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Real-Time Management Reporting
  • Lead-Base Analysis
  • Resident Assessments

Here’s what Pivotal CRM for Senior Living can do for you

Accelerate the Sales Process

Nurture leads through targeted, time-phased, personalized communications through multiple channels, including web, print, phone, and e-mail.

Optimize Lead Distribution Across Communities

Segment shared leads to meet the unique needs of each community's occupancy requirements.

Enable Continuous Sales Process Improvement

Provide management with a real-time view into all sales and marketing efforts and get access to information for agile decision making.