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Education Services

Empower your CRM users with the knowledge they need for success

A CRM initiative’s success is ultimately tied to user adoption and skill. Empowering your users, customizers, and administrators with the knowledge they need to use Pivotal CRM to its full potential helps you realize more value from your implementation, sooner.

The Pivotal CRM brand has a legacy that is second to none in the industry and we understand the investment that you have made in our products and services.  Pivotal CRM Education Services supports this investment by providing training for multiple products - often in multiple versions.  Our Education Specialists are highly skilled with a wealth of experience in customisation and development. They are in constant contact with Pivotal CRM product strategists and developers, which mean they intimately, understand the products.  They are the first to learn about new technical enhancements, ensuring they’re incorporated into our education programs. The end result is more valuable training for you and your users.

Core Skills through Classroom Training

Our classroom training sessions provide a highly interactive educational experience. To ensure your team acquires the knowledge and skills critical to your project, our instructors run demonstrations and facilitate hands-on exercises. In these sessions, your team can also share experiences with other Pivotal CRM customers and get their questions answered directly by our Product Development and Professional Services teams. Check out our schedule of upcoming classes.

Customised End-User Education

We recognise that every business is unique; that is why your end users need customised training to increasing their productivity and confidence. With these additional skills you will get more from your investment.

Train-the-Trainer Packages

We can help your instructors get the knowledge and skills they need to deliver effective training to your end users. This offering emphasizes how to train others to use Pivotal CRM to ensure the effective delivery of course materials.