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Campaign Management

Managing segmented, multi-channel campaigns is a challenge. We’ve been there.

You segment, deliver your message using several channels and report on your success. Our solutions help you save time and increase your returns.

Marketing is a workhorse within any organization. To get the desired returns, you need to manage sophisticated and labor-intensive campaigns—and there has never been a greater expectation to provide deep visibility into ROI.

Our Campaign Management solutions offer the support you need. With the right tools, you can address tightly segmented audiences, leverage new channels, and streamline the steps required to manage all of your campaigns—including time-devouring, logistics-intensive activities like events.

Pivotal CRM Marketing Solution

Demand Generation

Create more, better-qualified introductions to your sales team.

Email Marketing

Take full advantage of this cost-effective channel and deliver more personalized, relevant campaigns.


Get your valuable messages into the inbox of your segmented audience for maximum conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Break through the talk and generate real, meaningful marketing value out of this powerful new channel.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Let automation and time-saving features take the heavy lifting out of managing campaigns that cross channels.

Event Marketing

Save time and headaches with tools to help you put on events they will remember.