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Boost response rates & ensure more messages get where you want them to go

The Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation Deliverability E-mail Server, powered by leading technology from Message Systems, provides real-time e-mail information so you can solve the problems that hinder e-mail delivery and response rates.

You’ll get detailed, real-time deliverability information that outlines whether your e-mail was blocked, delivered to the inbox, or routed to a spam folder. It’s a smart way to enhance your sender reputation—and ensures your e-mails reach more inboxes. The solution integrates a complete set of capabilities, including authentication, bounce tracking and management, and delivery assurance services, so you can monitor whether your e-mails are getting through and fix the root cause for those that don’t.

Key Features

  • Authentication Tools
  • Accreditation Tools
  • Intelligent Segmented Sending
  • E-mail Throttling
  • Bounce Management
  • ISP Delivery Reporting
  • Sender Score Manager
  • Campaign Preview
  • Mailbox Monitoring
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Blacklist Alert
  • Real-Time Integrated Reporting
  • Native Integration
  • Multiple IP Address Management
  • Queue Management 

Here’s what the Marketing Automation Deliverability E-mail Server can do for you

Authenticate to Prove Your Sender Identity

Ensure your IP address isn’t spoofed by spammers. The Deliverability E-mail Server authenticates your e-mails so that they pass ISP authentication.

Make Use of an ISP's Valuable Bounce Information

Normalize bounce codes across hundreds of ISPs and organizes them into logical categories so you can understand and act upon them—enabling you to proactively manage your e-mail list.

Monitor Your Sender Reputation

Quickly identify rendering problems before e-mails are sent and examine blocking and filtering issues after campaigns are deployed.