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Email Marketing

Create cost-effective, personalized campaigns with marketing automation

If you're like most marketers, you are taking advantage of the low cost of email marketing, creating an increasing number of campaigns for email delivery. But, are you truly engaging targets in an ongoing stream of communications—or, even better, a one-to-one dialog.

Our marketing solutions give you all the tools you need to design automated, multi-wave, interactive email marketing campaigns. For example, a promotional campaign for a new product might include a month of weekly emails, each unveiling a different product feature. A conference invitation might include an escalating round of invitation emails as the conference date approaches, each with a different promotion, as well as registration confirmation, reminder, and post-event thank-you emails.

Key Features

  • Graphical Campaign Design
  • Lead Qualification and Distribution
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Effectiveness Analysis
  • Unicode-Enabled Multi-Language Marketing
  • Document Editor
  • Conditional Content
  • Preference Tracking
  • List Management and Segmentation
  • Reporting
  • Event Management
  • Meta-Data Repository
  • Surveying
  • Built-in Marketing Blueprints
  • Wizard-Driven User-Interface

Here’s what Email Marketing solutions can do for you

Design Sophisticated Email Streams

Use a graphical workflow designer to easily map out complex campaign flows that involve multiple emails, and then automate their timing and delivery.

Launch Multi-Wave, Adaptive Campaigns

Design campaigns to unfurl in multiple waves, each of which is contingent on the recipient's reaction to the last email, increasing in relevance at each turn.

Create Perpetual, Event-Triggered Email Streams

Create campaigns that run themselves—event-triggered email streams that launch in response to an action on the part of the recipient.

Accelerate Campaign Planning by Using Templates

Build campaign workflow templates to re‑use on multiple campaigns, making future complex campaign design faster and easier.