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Event Marketing

Simply manage both online & offline events as part of your overall marketing plan

Live and online events are excellent lead-generation opportunities, but marketing them and managing the registrations can be laborious and time-consuming, limiting the number of events your marketing department can handle.

Pivotal CRM Marketing streamlines event marketing, enabling you to leverage re‑usable campaign templates (or create your own) to market events and manage registrations with ease. Pivotal CRM Marketing can be set up to automate the entire event communications process—from early "save-the-date" messages through rounds of standard event invitations, "last-chance" and "sorry-you-missed-it" communications. Prospects can register for the event through the solution and receive automated confirmations, follow-ups, and reminders, as well as post-event surveys, distribution of replays or presentation decks, and thank-you messages.

Key Features

  • Online Registration
  • Automated Lead Assignment
  • Surveying
  • Email Marketing

Here’s what the Event Manager Application can do for you

Conduct Event Marketing With Ease

Manage cross-channel event marketing for your on and offline events through a single platform, and send automated invitations, reminders, confirmations, follow-ups, surveys, and more.

Track & Manage Registrations

Marketers can easily monitor registrations, generate attendee lists, and see qualifying information about each attendee.  

Instantly Benefit From Event Leads

There’s no need to wait until the event occurs to reap its lead-generating results. With instant lead qualification and distribution, sales reps can start to work the leads from the moment of registration.

Survey for Pre-& Post-Event Feedback

Use survey functionality to poll registrants before the event to solicit agenda input and after the event to gauge satisfaction and gain feedback. Use this information to improve the quality and success of future events.