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Multi-Channel Marketing

Helping you manage your multi-channel reality

If you're like most marketers today, you have a lot of active channels. Where marketing was once largely comprised of advertising, it’s now common to utilize several marketing channels in a single campaign. Multiple channels have many advantages: added personalization, broader reach and increased conversion—just to name a few. But, with many channels comes the requirement to coordinate and manage your campaign in many places.

Our marketing automation solutions are designed to address your multi-channel reality. We give you the ability to manage email, fax, SMS, web outbound delivery, and website landing pages in a single, intuitive interface. By automating many aspects of your multi-channel campaigns, you can increase your campaign frequency while spending less time and effort managing your campaigns.

Key Features

  • Graphical Campaign Design
  • Lead Qualification and Distribution
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Effectiveness Analysis
  • Unicode-Enabled Multi-Language Marketing
  • Document Editor
  • Conditional Content
  • Preference Tracking
  • List Management and Segmentation
  • Reporting
  • Event Management
  • Meta-Data Repository
  • Surveying
  • Built-in Marketing Blueprints
  • Wizard-Driven User-Interface

Here’s what Multi-Channel Marketing solutions can do for you

Reach Large Audiences With Sophisticated E-Mail Streams

Plan, build, and execute multi-channel, multi-wave campaigns that generate instant, qualified, trackable leads. Workflows and campaign templates can be saved and adapted to allow easy re-use and rapid campaign development.

Make Your Website a Lead-Generation Machine

Turn your website into an invaluable lead source. By integrating Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation web forms seamlessly into your website and using them for resource downloads, event registrations, information requests and more, you can turn surfers into self-qualifying leads.

Leverage All Available Channels

Plan a single campaign and launch it through multiple channels to reach the largest possible audience on their medium of choice. With support for multi-lingual, personalized HTML and text e-mails, web, fax, SMS, and offline print communications, Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation gives you the greatest reach and lead-generation potential.

Tie Back Print & Third-Party Campaigns

By using URLs for Pivotal CRM Marketing Automation web forms as the core call-to-action embedded in campaigns, you can track results and generate leads, just as you would for electronic marketing campaigns.