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Social Media Marketing

Harness social media in your marketing effort

The Web has gone social, and there’s no turning back. Few would dispute the fact that social networks have changed the way both consumers and businesses buy, but how can you take advantage of these new channels in your marketing efforts?

Pivotal Social CRM brings the power of the social Web into your business where it is most relevant and valuable: within your CRM system. An application module built for the Pivotal CRM 6 and Pivotal CRM for Financial Services 6 platforms, Pivotal Social CRM integrates the most popular and ubiquitous social media tools—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, InsideView, and Google BlogSearch—with your users’ daily activity hub, CRM. Not only does it enable you to bring the deep insight and business intelligence derived from those social media sites into your customer and prospect database, but it is designed to incorporate social media elements into the natural daily workflows of your marketing team.

Key Features

  • Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, InsideView, and Google BlogSearch
  • Account Linking
  • Activity Viewing
  • Aggregate Views
  • Social Media Searches
  • Social Media Monitoring 
  • Social Media Communication
  • CRM Actions
  • Facebook Event Management
  • Social Media Activity Tracking
  • Relationship Tracking

Here’s what Pivotal Social CRM can do for you

Streamline Public Communication

Broadcast marketing messages and corporate announcements to your CRM contacts and social network base in a single step. You can easily expand your social networking presence by inviting customers, prospects, employees, and anyone else in your CRM database to connect through your social networking accounts.

Gain In-Depth Sales Insight

Identify prospects and learn what they’re saying and to whom, then take immediate action within the CRM system to assign appropriate tasks and follow-up.

Coordinate Multi-Channel Marketing

Easily manage online and in-person marketing events on Facebook from within the CRM system. Use Social CRM to track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and initiate CRM actions such as lead entry in response to social media responses.

Opening a New Customer Service Channel

Monitor popular social media sites for customer issues or questions about your products and services, providing the opportunity to respond and react in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.