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Salesforce Integration

Align your marketing efforts & drive revenue together

Your company's marketers and salespeople have very distinct roles. For business success, however, these two interdependent groups need to work together. Generating sales leads is almost always a marketing team's top mandate. Sales teams rely on you to find their leads, and you depend on sales to follow up on those leads and effectively develop opportunities. When points of contention arise, they’re usually related to lead quantity, quality, distribution, and timely follow-up. We have a solution to help you drive results—together.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Lead Capture
  • Instant Lead Scoring
  • Automatic Lead Assignment
  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Alerts
  • Wireless Lead Alerts
  • Automated Lead Follow Up

Here’s what Salesforce Integration can do for your integrated sales & marketing team

Increase Lead Volume

Meet and exceed lead targets by increasing the number of leads you generate through better targeting and higher campaign volume capacity.

Improve Lead Qualification

Deliver only qualified leads to the sales force, reducing false leads or concerns regarding lead quality. Marketing and sales teams can agree on qualification criteria and use Pivotal CRM Marketing to ensure prospects self-qualify by answering brief, targeted questions.

Rank Leads Effectively

Rank leads according to custom-defined criteria and deliver them to the sales force with clear priority notification.

Route Leads Quickly & Precisely

Distribute leads instantly to the right salesperson using custom routing rules. Pivotal CRM Marketing lets you assign leads based on any combination of criteria, such as geography, product specialization, size, or industry.

Instantly Alert Salespeople to Leads

Instantly alert the right salesperson by SMS or e-mail when a prospect is on your website, enabling them to follow up while the prospect is most receptive—even if the salesperson is on the road.

Tie Marketing Activities into Your CRM

Take advantage of our integration tools and approaches or pre-built integration to connect Pivotal CRM Marketing with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, allowing leads to be passed directly into your sales portals and sales force automation processes. Contact records can be set up to show sales teams which marketing activity generated and qualified each lead.

Nurture Colder Leads Cost-Effectively

Nurture colder leads with regular, ongoing communications—without the need for salesperson intervention. Continue to re-qualify cold leads until they’re ready for distribution to the salesperson.