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Lead Management

You’ve worked hard to get to know them. Now, introduce them to your sales team.

Explore our range of solutions for handling leads—from the first contact to the timely hand over to your sales organization.

Simply generating more leads is not the answer. You want to generate leads that deliver actual value to your sales team—and earn revenue for the business. We have solutions designed to address your specific needs.

Our marketing automation solutions help you generate cost-effective leads, score them against your target criteria, and automate time-sensitive actions such as continued nurturing or a data-rich hand off to your sales team.

Pivotal CRM Marketing Solution

Lead Capture

Strategically capture leads and begin your relationship by creating the best conditions for conversion.

Lead Scoring

Understand the business value of your lead flow and take action to maximize the value of every lead.

Lead Assignment

Automate the highly time-sensitive process for distributing your hottest leads to sales.