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Lead Assignment

Automatically assign your sales-ready leads for immediate follow-up

Marketers know that leads are time-sensitive. Ensuring that your sales team follows up on all qualified leads is a top priority, but it’s equally critical that salespeople follow up with the right leads at the right time.

With Pivotal CRM Marketing, we’ve automated this time-sensitive process for you. With real-time lead scoring and distribution to salespeople happening right as prospects show interest, your sales team always knows which leads to call on first.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Lead Capture
  • Instant Lead Scoring
  • Automatic Lead Assignment
  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Alerts
  • Wireless Lead Alerts
  • Automated Lead Follow Up

Here’s what Lead Assignment can do for you

Immediately Distribute Leads to Sales

Assign leads instantly to the right salespeople based on territory, product, lead source, expertise, sequence, or other factors. This ensures no unfairness, error, or delay in lead distribution.

Score Leads With Precision

Define tailored lead-qualification questions and integrate them into future campaigns. When leads come in through these campaigns, they’re instantly scored and ranked according to your custom criteria.

Initiate Automated Action Based on Lead Quality

Distribute hot leads instantly to the sales force and enroll colder leads into automated nurturing programs based on their qualification-question answers.

Continue to Cultivate Colder Leads

With Pivotal CRM Marketing, you can establish streams of regular nurturing communications to maintain contact with colder leads without any salesperson intervention. These streams continue to cost-effectively educate and market to the prospect over time.