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Lead Capture

Capture the fruits of all your labor

Marketing’s value to an organization is often measured in terms of lead generation. But, while companies often allocate large budgets to acquire new customers, many leads fall through the cracks in company processes. We’ve designed Pivotal CRM Marketing to help you ensure that the fruit of your labor is optimized.

Pivotal CRM Marketing automates the qualification, distribution, and nurturing of leads from initial contact to closure, ensuring that all leads are properly captured and realized.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Lead Capture
  • Lead Scoring
  • Automated Lead Management
  • Lead Alerts
  • Automated Lead Follow Up

Here’s what Lead Capture can do for you

Instantly Qualify Leads

Define tailored lead-qualification questions and integrate them into your campaigns, prompting prospects to self-qualify at the point of lead-generation. Eliminate the need for sales team follow-up simply to determine basic lead quality.

Rank Leads Effectively

Ensure your sales team follows up with the hottest leads first. When leads come in through campaigns, they’re instantly scored and ranked according to your custom criteria and delivered to sales with clear priority notification.

Initiate Automatic Action Based on Lead Quality

Distribute hot leads instantly to the sales force and enroll colder leads into automated nurturing programs based on their qualification-question answers.

Immediately Distribute Leads to the Right Salesperson

Assign leads based on any combination of criteria, such as geography, product specialization, size, or industry. This ensures no unfairness, error, or delay in lead distribution.

Alert Salespeople of Prospect Web Visits in Real Time

Immediately alert the right salesperson by SMS or e-mail when a prospect is on your website, enabling them to follow up while the prospect is most receptive—even if the salesperson is on the road—and to understand their interests by knowing which pages the prospect has visited.