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Lead Scoring

Assess your leads and guide strategic follow-up with lead scoring

Lead volume isn't the only measurement that counts; lead quality is equally important. Most marketers today recognize that their programs will ultimately be evaluated by the sales force and executive management not by the total number of leads, but the degree to which your sales team can close them. Ensuring that  your leads convert into promising opportunities with real sales potential means properly evaluating and managing every incoming lead.

Lead qualification and scoring plays an important role in aligning marketing and sales, enabling you to pass only viable, pre-screened, high-quality leads to the sales force. But, you also know there's no such thing as a useless lead—and while leads may be at different points in the prospect lifecycle and the sales potential may seem distant at first, any lead that has expressed interest in your offerings is worth continuing to "work." Cost-effective lead nurturing programs offer the ability to cultivate colder leads without expending your salesperson's effort, while ensuring leads with future potential don’t get discarded.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Lead Capture
  • Instant Lead Scoring
  • Automated Lead Management
  • Lead Alerts
  • Automated Lead Follow Up

Here’s what Lead Scoring can do for you

Score Leads With Precision

Define tailored lead-qualification questions and integrate them into future campaigns. When leads come in through these campaigns, they’re instantly scored and ranked according to your custom criteria.

Initiate Automated Action Based on Lead Quality

Distribute hot leads instantly to the sales force and enroll colder leads into automated nurturing programs based on their qualification-question answers.

Immediately Distribute Leads to Sales

Assign leads instantly to the right salespeople based on territory, product, lead source, expertise, sequence, or other factors. This ensures no unfairness, error, or delay in lead distribution.

Continue to Cultivate Colder Leads

Establish streams of regular nurturing communications to maintain contact with colder leads without any salesperson intervention. These streams continue to cost-effectively educate and market to the prospect over time.