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You’re driven to move the business ahead with measurable marketing returns. We make it easier to quantify.

More than in any time in history, marketers are being asked to provide deep visibility into the results of marketing expenditures. At the same time, you are stretched to do more with less and find time to perform careful analysis. That’s why Pivotal CRM Marketing solutions are built to provide feedback as you go.

Our solutions offer an intuitive workflow that helps you streamline processes and direct resources at the best opportunities. With built-in dashboards and reporting, you can understand what’s going well and where you need to make adjustments to achieve your desired outcome. 

Pivotal CRM Marketing Solution

Marketing Resource Management

Implement a technology-supported framework for standardized marketing processes in your organization.

Dashboards & Reporting

Adjust your marketing activities on-the-fly in real time with ongoing visibility into the parameters you watch most.