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Marketing Resource Management

A centralized solution to help you manage resources & use them more effectively

If ever there was a time when marketers had unlimited resources to pursue their targets, that time has certainly passed. With today’s reduced budgets, timeframes and headcounts, you need to use available resources as wisely as possible. You need a system.

With Pivotal CRM Marketing, you can track and manage all of your resources, processes and projects from within a single, intuitive system. Keeping essentials such as budgets, project workflow, calendars, and project planning tools in the same solution makes it easier to see the big picture.

Key Features

  • Campaign and Project Definition
  • Project Snapshot
  • Project Scheduling Tools
  • Financial Management Tools
  • Planning Tools
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Alerts
  • Review and Approval Management Tools
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Search Project Support
  • Vendor Management

Here’s what Marketing Resource Management solutions can do for you

Reduce Cycle Times & Raise Productivity

Take advantage of built-in workflow for review and approval to reduce bottlenecks and more accurately forecast project completion. And with a color-coded project calendar, you can visualize timelines and share marketing events with other departments, such as your sales team.

Improve Budget Management

Marketers are always asked to do more with less. Pivotal CRM Marketing provides financial management tools that help you track your budget across multiple perspectives and scenarios. Control costs with vendor management tools and oversee marketing collateral distribution.

Measure Effectiveness

As a marketer, measurement tools that help you track your effectiveness are paramount. Pivotal CRM Marketing equips you to ensure projects are completed on time and gives you graphical analytics in multiple formats.