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Library Publishing

Support your partners with access to the latest literature

Whether they are in search of the latest co-marketing materials, a quoting system, pricing information or tools to help market and sell the latest product offering, your partners need access to your company’s literature.

Pivotal CRM partner automation solutions give you the ability to publish a library for your partners online. With 24X7 access, your partners can access the content they need on their own schedule.

Solution Datasheet: CRM Partner Channel

Key Features

  • Order Management
  • Back-Office Integration
  • Partner Analytics
  • Lead Registration
  • Lead Distribution
  • On-Demand 24X7 Access
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Operational Reporting
  • Opportunity Management

Here's what Library Publishing can do for your business

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Eliminate potential barriers and smooth the road to deal closure for your partners. Perhaps it’s the latest published pricing or a marketing brochure, but often, deals can hang up on a single document.

Enhance Partner Loyalty

Give your partners the access they need and keep them coming back.[moved this sentence] Access to critical tools at the right time can make all the difference for partner loyalty.

Ensure Consistency

Publish content you have approved. Without support from you, your partners may be forced to create their own materials that may not align with your corporate brand or policy.