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Analytics & Forecasting

Get actionable sales insight for your CRM solution

Salespeople simply love using Pivotal CRM. As a result, the system contains current and complete information—and that’s a great starting point for forecasting and analytics.

Forecasting in Pivotal CRM is simple. Sales managers can get a global view of all leads, opportunities and deals, while monitoring their probability to close. Integrated analytics gives users (at all levels of your organization) the ability to get answers that help them make informed, data-driven decisions; identify and react to trends; monitor progress toward corporate goals; take corrective action in a timely manner when needed; and pinpoint unexplored opportunities.

Key Features

  • Data Mart Schema
  • Data Integration and ETL Routines
  • Built-In Set-Up Wizards for SQL Server
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Open Interface to BI Viewers and Analysis Tools
  • Pre-Defined Sales and Marketing Reports and Analysis Templates

Here’s what Analytics & Forecasting can do for you

Make Better-Informed Business Decisions

Understand even the most complex business data and answer key sales questions for timely decision-making. Spot trends, identify factors, and make more confident business decisions based on sound data.

Deploy an Analytics Solution for Less

Pivotal CRM Analytics is based on the Microsoft BI platform, enabling you to leverage existing licenses and in-house skills to implement a cost-effective solution that requires only a fraction of the typical resources, time, and costs to deploy a decision-support system.

Get Fast Results with Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Quickly assemble, extract, transform, and load (ETL) routines, data mart schema, and reports, to generate a prototype analytics solution in days—not months.

Improve Sales Forecasting

Examine your sales pipelines in near-real-time to recognize trends and spot deviations from existing forecasts. You can track opportunity value versus booked revenue by region, product, source, and time.