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Email & Outlook Integration

Work in CRM or Outlook? Do both with Microsoft Outlook integration

E-mail is one of today’s dominant sales communication channels. A wealth of customer and opportunity-related information passes through your email every day.

Pivotal CRM is designed to let you move seamlessly between CRM and Microsoft Outlook—logging files, email communications, contacts and other critical information as you go. This increases productivity by eliminating the cumbersome application switching normally required. Leverage rich CRM data and the powerful communication features of Microsoft Outlook in one seamless experience.

Key Features

  • Log Email
  • Send from CRM
  • Contact Lookup
  • Microsoft Office Data Interaction

Here’s what Email and Outlook Integration can do for you

Work in Your Interface of Choice

Pivotal CRM works with the tools your salespeople use every day. Microsoft® Outlook® and SharePoint® are embedded in the CRM system, eliminating integration complexity and making your CRM system a one-stop-shop for users’ daily activities.

Get Supercharged Search

Search Pivotal CRM from Office programs and Outlook simply by right-clicking on a contact or company name. You don’t need to take extra steps or change systems to add items to the CRM system.