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Mobile Sales

Go see your customers & take the power of CRM with you

Your top salespeople are agile—and mobile. They’re increasingly asked to do business wherever they are, whether it's on-site at a client or partner office, on a plane, at home, or in a hotel room. They must have effective access to client information and CRM tools and resources.

Pivotal CRM Mobile solutions ensure business activities are never delayed because of limited access to critical data. By making Pivotal CRM available via your laptops and mobile devices—including tablet PCs, PDAs, Web-enabled phones, and other wireless tools—you can turn downtime into productive time, which translates into improved effectiveness, new efficiencies, and increased profits.

Our mobile solutions can be deployed separately or in combination to fit your diverse mobile needs.

Key Features

  • Offline Mobile Client
  • Wireless Access
  • Handheld Access
  • Bi-Directional Synchronization

Here’s what Mobile Sales can do for your sales team

Improve Productivity

Optimize your team's productivity by ensuring the data and tools they need are always accessible. Eliminate time spent waiting for office data and ensure time spent "on the road" is consistently productive.

Increase User Adoption

Provide mobile CRM access to extend the value of the application for users—promoting wider usage and adoption.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Give your team access to rich information about clients, prospects, products, contacts, and contracts to help them respond faster to leads. Identify bottlenecks, recover from problems faster, outmaneuver competitors, and immediately give customers the answers they want, accelerating closing activities and driving higher revenues.

Improve Business Collaboration

Give your field users access to full company resources through mobile CRM. Equip them to share information and collaborate with in-office experts in real time to close deals and provide rapid service.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Empower your users to provide fast, informed answers on the spot and instantly follow up on customer requests, giving customers an exceptional experience in every interaction with your company.