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Call Scripting

Call scripting for customer service departments

Inbound and outbound communication consistency is critical to building superior customer experiences and lasting relationships. You need to ensure that CSRs are effectively representing the brand and reacting appropriately to customer inquiries to create a pleasant interaction that delivers the desired business results.

Call Scripting is a valuable business tool that lets managers create service projects within the CRM system and assign call lists to employees. Call Scripting can be incorporated into any Pivotal CRM deployment with minimal cost and effort—delivering an immediate productivity boost.

Key Features

  • Script-Authoring Module
  • Script Launching
  • Branching Logic
  • Scoring Formulas
  • Closed-Loop Activities and Follow-Up
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Inbound and Outbound Interaction Automation
  • Telemarketing Capabilities
  • Reporting

Here’s what the Call Scripting solution can do for your service team

Improve Customer Service Efficiency

Build scripts that help your service agents quickly understand customer issues, while ensuring up-sell and cross-sell strategies are consistently applied across the service organization, turning service "cost centers" into "profit centers."

Consistently Apply Security Measures

Improve customer verification measures and decrease the potential for costly security breaches. For example, you can create a script that agents must execute before providing sensitive data to callers. The scripts may include a password check, confirmation of personal information, or a check on recent activity. These security measures can be recorded in the client file as part of each service interaction to ensure service personnel are following company policy.