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Dashboards & Reporting

Understand trends & performance at a glance

Every day, your customer service team gathers enormous amounts of valuable information and handles a high volume of customer interactions. With Pivotal CRM service solutions, you can optimize performance based on insights from a comprehensive set of “out-of-the-box” reports. You can track adherence to service levels, while enabling improved forecasting and resource scheduling. Proactively identify problem areas and take corrective action.

Key Features

  • Out-Of-The-Box Reports
  • Service Level Adherence
  • Performance Tracking
  • Resolution Metrics

Here’s what Dashboards and Reporting can do for you

Support Team Management

Create and maintain employee expertise areas and define support teams by product, support contract, or category. With the visibility of built-in reporting, you can begin to distribute workload based on ability or availability and maximize team efficiency.