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A searchable resource to help your Customer Service Representatives speed resolutions

Time to resolution is a key metric in any service department. Speedy, thoughtful responses to customer inquiries demonstrate that you know your product or service and how best to assist customers. A searchable knowledgebase of issue-related notes and solutions ensures response consistency and eliminates duplication of effort, while maximizing the number of issues resolved on first contact.

Key Features

  • Past Issues
  • Resolutions
  • Product and Service Documentation
  • Known Issues
  • Full Search

Here’s what a Knowledgebase can do for your service team

Make Work More Satisfying

Empower CSRs to help customers. Successfully resolving service incidents is key to CSRs satisfaction and performance. Frustrations mount for both customers and CSRs when reps lack the latest and best information or the training and resources to solve a problem. A robust knowledgebase gives reps fast access to the tools and information they need to be successful—and happy clients mean happy employees.

Build a Base of Knowledge

Give your team the ability to create, add to and search a service knowledgebase. CSRs shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel for each new incident. Usually, similar questions or incidents have arisen and been resolved before.