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Visual Workflow

Guide Customer Service Representatives to desired resolutions with a visual workflow

You want to help service representatives delight customers with speedy and thoughtful responses to their inquiries. To do this time and time again with positive results, your CSRs can leverage a visual workflow that takes them through a step-by-step process. By keeping everything they need in the same interface, you can reduce errors, duplicated work and reduce the training time needed to bring new service team members up to speed.

Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Designer
  • Visually Represent a Process
  • Enables Users in the Decision Process
  • Create Powerful Expressions
  • Work with Multiple Datasets
  • Connect to System Events
  • Create Workflows in Production
  • Forms Interactions
  • Integrate with Existing Processes
  • Build a Library of Processes

Here’s what Visual Workflow can do for your customer service team

Ensure Users Follow Best Practices

Automate processes at less cost. You developed your current business processes for a reason. Visual Workflow lets your users execute their day-to-day tasks with an intelligent, guided workflow that follows your best practices, ensuring customer information is always consistent and complete. Streamline work and simplify processes. Best of all, customer interactions will always meet your quality standards.

Create a Single, Personal View

Bring information where it’s required—front and center. Information from Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft® SharePoint® is seamlessly built into the interface, eliminating duplicate data on multiple platforms while lowering the chance of error—resulting in a convenient, seamless user experience. Decision-making tools are all together, so users don’t have to hunt for data and they can work however they want.