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Implementation Services

Go live quickly and increase productivity immediately

The basis of our consulting success is a robust knowledge base of our products; how they function and how customers can utilize them most effectively. Consultants work with you to design your system, explain the functional and technical details of system processes, troubleshoot implementation issues, and concurrently, transfer our extensive knowledge to you.

Because we recognize that HRM software is at the very core of your operations, it must reflect your singular business requirements, rather than dictate the way you run your business. To that end, we create a plan specifically for your business, providing you with a number of optional services. These include:

  • Project Management
  • System Reviews
  • System Design
  • System Set-up
  • Data Capture or Conversion
  • Report Design and Report Writing
  • Development of Business Forms
  • Develop User Procedures

Additionally, our consultants are highly experienced working with third party system integrators and can effectively supplement your project resources as required.

Work Plan-Based Implementation
We strongly encourage our customers to develop a detailed implementation workplan to include scheduling, tasks, milestones, resources, and organizational information. Our consultants are trained project planners and can help you quickly assemble an effective workplan to guide your efforts. They can also assist you in adapting and managing your original plan as work progresses.

System Reviews
Periodic Quality Assurance Reviews by an experienced Consulting Managers further ensure that each of our customers obtains maximum leverage from our implementation experience. This process calls for monthly reviews lasting from one to three days during which our managers assess your current circumstances and make recommendations on future tasks, mitigating risks, and on productive use of applications and tools. This Q/A process also ensures that we provide high-quality services consistently across our product lines and geographic regions.