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Strengthen your approach to human capital and enhance your competitive edge with Platinum HRM

Whether you’re a multinational, small- to medium-sized domestic company or state-owned enterprise, we have a human resource management solution to meet your complex business and regulatory requirements.

From core HR functions, such as  benefits processing and attendance tracking, to extended programs, including succession planning and company assets management, Platinum HRM provides a single, integrated solution for managing your human capital. With Platinum HRM, you can streamline human resource management processes and improve employee satisfaction levels.

Explore your human resource management solution

HRM Browser Server

Access Platinum HRM from any Internet connection with our browser/server solution.

HRM Client Server

Harness the speed and power of a client/server deployment for your HRM solution.

Organizational Charting System

Get a clear picture of your organization's structure when you use the industry-standard.  OrgPlus dramatically extends the power of org charts, turning them into decision-making tools.

Crystal Reports

Save valuable report design time.  Quickly build interactive reports and connect them to virtually any data source.