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HRM Browser/Server

Optimize your staff, enhance employee satisfaction & build a competitive edge for your business

Platinum HRM is designed and developed for enterprises of all sizes, in every industry. This award-winning solution applies more advanced techniques and flexible structures than ever before, and is fully web-based to give your team access whenever you need information.

Platinum HRM's browser/server version features the option of a powerful employee self-service module, simplifying employee administration processes, including attendance and payroll. This version is available in both English and Chinese. So whether your enterprise is transnational or local, or you want to manage your mainland staff or your team in Hong Kong, Platinum HRM helps you realize central management, standardize processes and promote business efficiencies.

Platinum HRM fully meets Hong Kong SAR business and statutory requirements, such as Mandatory Pension Fund (MPF), Inland Revenue reporting and auto pay functions to many Hong Kong banks. One system can support your operations in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Dive into your Platinum HRM Browser/Server solutions

Group Management

Configure and maintain employee groups, such as divisions and regional offices, while maintaining central management.

Performance Appraisal

Set different appraisal models and track performance with tight integration to payroll.

Business Reporting

Generate reports based on current or historical employee data, including monthly payroll reconciliation, monthly data changes, and headcount analysis.

Employee Information Management

Manage comprehensive information for employees' complete employment life cycle with corresponding compensation and benefits.

Compensation & Benefits

Automate compensation and benefits management to eliminate human errors and greatly reduce processing times.

Attendance Tracking Management

Allow multiple attendance tracking systems within a single HRM system, and leverage data centralization for accurate decision-making.

Recruitment Management

Publish recruitment information, review resumes, establish talent banks, manage interviews, evaluate  results, and manage recruitment resources.

Employee Self Service

Boost employee satisfaction and streamline HR processes by allowing employees to update their information online.

Budget Management

Forecast and track your future enterprise labor costs with easy-to-use tools for budget management.

Training Management

Establish training systems, define training modules, carry out plans and programs, trace progress, and manage feedback on training effectiveness.