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Attendance Tracking Management

Gain supervisor & executive-level visibility into employee attendance

Make your attendance tracking more efficient and accurate. The Platinum HRM solution allows multiple attendance tracking systems in a single human resource management system.  Manage shift work, attendance and overtime data to more effectively analyze employee attendance and productivity.

Key Features

  • Easy Shift Set-up with Calendar Formats
  • Predefined Shift Templates
  • Unlimited 'in and out' Pairs per Day
  • Reports on Abnormal Data such as Repetitive Pairs and Missing Pairs
  • Tracks Effective Dates of Employee Cards, Shift, Meal Policies and Overtime Policies
  • Processes Attendance Data with Integrated Work Hours
  • User Definable MACRO Function
  • Use Estimated, Actual or a Minimum value for Further Payroll Processing
  • Provides Data Counteract for Overtime and Leave
  • Batch Input Functions
  • Export Data to Multiple File Formats

Here’s what Attendance Tracking Management can do for you

Flexible Employee Roster Class Set-Up
Temporary shift changes are easy to handle in order to meet special requirements. The solution also supports auto-matching of working hours where shifts are not predefined.

Attendance Tracking Management
The solution tracks late arrivals, early departures, absence, overtime and leave data. It also provides leave and overtime comparisons between pre-applied and actual data.

Analytic Reporting
Gain instant access to attendance data for employee monitoring. Our comprehensive employee query function supports any criteria, with standard and user-definable reports for comprehensive analytical reporting purposes