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Budget Management

Forecast & track your human capital costs

Human capital is one of your most precious enterprise assets. That’s why labor cost forecasting is becoming increasingly important for today’s growing businesses.

The Platinum HRM Budget Management module can forecast and track your future enterprise labor costs. It helps you establish different assumed conditions to obtain precise budget data through automatic integration with the Platinum HRM Employee Information Management and Payroll modules. The system then tracks and revises budget data to ensure you stay aligned with your targets.

Key Features

  • Seamless Interface with Employee Information Management and Payroll Modules
  • Supports Diverse Budget Types
  • Flexible Budget Models
  • Export Budget Results to Pre-formatted Excel Templates
  • Definable Budget Formulas and Ranges


Here's what Budget Management can do for you

Define Staffing Plans 
Support staffing sheet management for branch office annual budgets and simulate the staffing sheet.

Generate C&B-Related Budgets
Perform rapid trial calculations for benefits and compensation items, based on different headcount plans. Rapidly generate different versions of labor cost budget sheets, according to multiple compensation adjustment ratios and methods. Comprehensively handle forecasts and results for all position changes, including new hires, transfers, terminations and mergers. 

Budget Adjustment & Tracking
Revise budget results to get the most accurate data and save as a new file. The system supports continuous tracking to help determine the effectiveness of budgets and revisions.