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Compensation & Benefits

Manage compensation & benefits faster & more accurately

Manage compensation and benefits with the powerful functionalities and flexible architecture of Platinum HRM.  The award-winning solution for China supports a variety of compensation and benefits policies and rules, helping you manage bulk data, eliminate human errors, and greatly reduce processing times. Our new Payroll Lock security function improves data security and accuracy, making responsibilities and rights clear during the compensation and benefits management processes.

Key Features

  • Calculate Salaries in Many
  • Calculate Insurance, Pension and Housing Funds and More as Required by Regulations
  • Unlimited User-defined Allowance & Deduction Classes
  • Tax Allocation by Different Tax Policies
  • Calculate Different Overtime and Shift Compensation Types
  • User-definable and Unlimited Leave Types
  • A Variety of Overtime and Leave Records Input Methods
  • Allocation Program Distributes Payroll Costs
  • Information on Employee's Salary According to Pre-set Parameters
  • Payroll Lock Function

Here's what Compensation and Benefits can do for you

Robust Data Security
Data submissions are locked during several key points in payroll processing, including salary data preparation, calculation and distribution.

Flexible Calculations
The solution automatically applies pre-defined salary calculation rules for employees in a variety of categories, while calculating tax allocation as defined by different tax policies.