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Employee Information Management

Capture & manage employee information, automatically

Managing information about each and every employee is a basic, but challenging HR function. With employee information contained in several different systems or maintained by multiple managers, it’s not always easy to get a broad, single view.

Platinum HRM gives you a comprehensive employee information management solution, including employee profile management, payroll data management, attendance recording, leave management, training management, head count management, compensation and benefits management and other definable information.

Key Features

  • Encompasses employee lifecycle
  • Statistical reports
  • Employee record management
  • Job search capabilities

Here's what Employee Information Management can do for you

Provide Centralized Information
Capture and provide basic information for each employee’s entire employment life cycle. Manage employee profile, labor contract, training records, performance review records, awards and discipline records, company assets records, welfare information, position information and other customizable data.

Integrate Information
Link each employee with corresponding compensation, benefits and attendance management rules. Generate and review standard employee information and statistical reports.