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Employee Self Service

Boost employee satisfaction while streamlining HR team processes

The Employee Self-Service module unifies several functions into one self-service platform, including enterprise regulations, employee information, data analysis, and workflow management. This greatly integrates the enterprise information resource and improves HR department work efficiency.

Employee self-service significantly improves personal queries into enterprise regulations, employee information, attendance and payroll. It can also help managers check personnel information, attendance, and payroll information of subordinates, while providing analysis to support decision-making. In addition, the system facilitates standard and electronic business workflow to achieve flexible control.

Key Features

  • Seamless Interface with the Employee Information Management Module
  • Communication Tools 
  • Employee Personal Data Query and Online Modification
  • Issue Pay Slips Online
  • Employee can Query Attendance Information and Work Schedules
  • Flexible Reminders such as Birthdays and Business Approvals
  • Strong Manager Query Function
  • Powerful Workflow Engine
  • Support One-step Login via Windows Account Linkage
  • Advanced System Security

Here’s what the Self-Service module can do for you

Personal & Staff Management
Employees can view and update secure personal data online, and access open colleague information, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Company Bulletins
Users can view company regulations and online bulletins. Place the most important bulletins at the top or display them in different colors.

Payroll Queries
The solution enables users to check their current and historical payroll data. The system also supports multiple pay slip formats, according to different employee types.

Employee Self-management
Users can easily view work scheme data, such as shift times and schedules, and view their personal attendance records, including in-and-out times, late arrivals, early leaves, shift types, overtime, and more. Employees with authority can also exchange information online.

Manager Self-Service & Reporting
Supervisors can check direct/indirect subordinates' files information within one's authority and query by organization structure keyword and more. Reports can be customized and exported to Excel for additional manipulation. View labor cost analysis report with authority.

Workflow Application
Take advantage of built-in workflow for approving requesting and approving actions such as working overtime and going on leave. Delegate to others within your authority. Approval levels are built-in for supervisors, but administrators can create alternate designs and workflow exceptions.