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Performance Appraisal

Tying performance & compensation together in a single system

When it comes to retaining and recruiting top talent, it’s essential for your HR department to standardize employee performance appraisals. With Platinum HRM, managers can set different appraisal models to match corresponding training requirements and trace the appraisal results.

Key Features

  • Seamless Interface with Employee Information Management and Payroll module
  • Manage Appraisal plans including KPI, BSC, MBO and More.
  • Set Indicator Pool for Unified Indicator Management
  • Set Various Iindicators Defined for Different Positions
  • Generate Appraisal Plans for Different Periods and Types
  • Weighted Average on Self-evaluation, Manager and Peer Evaluation
  • Conduct Offline Appraisal by Using Excel Template and Support Data Import and Export
  • Send Out Appraisal Content by E-mail
  • Quick Inquiry of Appraisal History
  • Capability to Match Recommended Training Courses by the Appraisal Result

Here's what the Performance Appraisal module can do for you

Appraisal Setting
Support various dimensions for different appraisals, define various e-mail templates for users, and maintain an external personnel list.

Indicator Pool Management
Benefit from user-defined indicator content, level, valid time and appraisal approach, as well as user-defined recommended training courses.

Appraisal Group Management
Boost morale with user-defined diverse appraisal types, including year-end appraisal, probation appraisal, technical staff appraisal. Multiple appraisal items based on type of appraisal group.  User-defined indicator weight and appraiser weight based on appraisal group.

Appraisal Plan Management
Create your own appraisal plan, either periodic or ad-hoc, and choose appropriate groups according to your specific plan. Direct supervisors are appointed as appraiser by default, and the user can make changes if necessary. Notify the launch of appraisal plan by e-mail and define important milestones with a reminder.

Appraisal Result Record
Input appraisal results based on appraisal plan or appraisee type. Intelligently generate Excel templates based on different appraisal plans. Completed Excel documents can be collected for consolidated data import. Automatically generate appraisal results according to fitted appraisal weight and permit slight adjustments to the formula-based results. 

Appraisal History
HR administrators, appraisee and plan stakeholders can inquire into appraisal histories. Results can be printed and saved for filing.