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Recruitment Management

Tools to manage the recruiting function from end to end

HR managers face a number of critical challenges: How do you effectively gather recruiting requirements from different departments? Ho do you cultivate and integrate multifold resources to manage recruitment channels? Other key issues include archiving outstanding candidate information files from a huge number of resumes, and commanding the entire recruitment management process to budget for HR department human and material resource allocations. 

Platinum HRM HR Workshop has integrated thousands of customers' implementation experiences and requirements. The recruitment module makes HR administration tasks easier, including publishing recruitment information, reviewing resumes, establishing talent banks, managing interviews, evaluating interview results, and managing recruitment resources.

Key Features

  • Seamless Interface with Human Resource and Payroll Modules
  • Support Batch Import of HTML Format Resumes from
  • Import Qualified Applicants' Resumes Directly into Your Talent Bank
  • Supports Fuzzy Inquiry of Enterprise Talent Bank
  • Supports ‘Send email’ to Applicants, Reflecting Culture and Personalized Care
  • Define Departments' Recruiting Requirements to Achieve Standardized Management
  • Achieve Overall Management of Enterprise Recruiting Channels, Integrating Resources to Reduce Cost

Here’s what the HR Workshop module can do for you

Recruitment Requirement Setup
Manage recruitment requirements, plans, publications, and recruitment results and history. You can also manage position requirements and vacant numbers, and input relative requirements for the position, such as degree, major, skills, and more. Easily manage publishing channels and history, while recording the actual cost of recruitment activities.

Recruitment Channel Management
Define recruitment channels and manage both contact information and records from these channels. You can also use the solution to manage contracts with recruitment channels.

Talent Bank Management
The Workshop module supports direct importing of standard-format resumes into the HRM database, and batch imports of individual and compressed resumes. The solution defines the resume template and supports fuzzy applicant information searches. View applicants’ interview status and final results in the talent bank and attach the original resume for further reference.

Recruitment Setup
Establish setup templates for professional e-mail content, define e-mail signatures, and define and establish interview process and status data.