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Training Management

Manage, analyze & enhance the results of your enterprise training programs

Employees are your company’s primary resource. That’s why cultivating and developing internal talent is a key factor in strengthening your competitive advantage. Employee training plays an important role in improving the value of your human capital.

The Platinum HRM Training Management module helps HR departments establish training systems, define training modules, carry out training plans and programs, and report on training progress.

Key Features

  • Seamless Interface with Human Resources and Payroll Modules
  • Manage Individual Training Cases
  • Quick Inquiry into Training History
  • Comprehensive Management of Enterprise Training Requirements
  • Rational Training Resource Utilization
  • Intelligent Trainee Matching
  • Import & Export Data to Preformatted Excel Template
  • Report on Training Progress

Here's what Training Management can do for you

Training Setup
Leverage a workflow that guides you through the process of setting up and conducting training programs. Track your training vendors, match employees with training programs, and quickly inquire into employee training histories.

Training Implementation & Results Management
Keep track of employee achievements, award certifications, and monitor the ongoing costs of employee training at the individual, group or enterprise level.