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Employee Self Service

Save time & focus on strategic human resource planning with automated payroll management

The Internet offers great opportunities to enhance how you run your business. HR managers can now leverage flexible technologies to improve human resource management and work more effectively. Platinum HRM’s Employee Self-Service module will transform the way HR professionals work and make decisions.

Employee Self-Service provides staff and managers with independent functions to access and update HR-related data, such as personal information, leave applications and approvals, training applications and approvals, pay slip inquiries, and much more. Enhance communication between the HR department and employees by allowing your team to update their own records.

Key Features

  • Define Personal Page Search Options 
  • Set up Search options for Subordinate Personal Information
  • Establish System E-mail Authentic Passwords
  • Configure the Security to Access Forms
  • Set the Security to Access Fields in Personal and Staff Page Fields
  • Set up Multi-level Approvals
  • Multi-level Security Controls

Here's what Employee Self-Service can do for you

Provides Employee Autonomy
Employees can check various personal data, including training course schedules, and view personal performance reviews. They can also access their own attendance and Human Resources information.

Training Management
The Training Management module lets employees view training budgets and course details, and submit course feedback.

Information Center
Employees can read and publish information or upload files to a core information center. They can view the company bulletin board and upload or download files.

Streamlines Workflow
Complete application and approval procedures by using built-in workflows, while informing relevant people via e-mail or short message service (SMS).