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Organizational Charting System

Get a clear picture of your organization’s structure

OrgPlus is the industry-standard software for creating organizational charts. OrgPlus has been selected by more than 400 of the Fortune 500 companies. That's half a million customers. More than 15 million employees have been charted since 1986.

OrgPlus dramatically extends the power of organizational charts, transforming them into decision-making tools by providing a unified view of critical employee data and enabling you to model business scenarios and plan for change.

Key Features

  • Connect via the ODBC/Oracle Adapter or Import Data Using Common Formats, Including XLS, TXT and XML
  • One-click data Refresh
  • Identify and Correct Gaps in 'reports-to' Information using the Hierarchy Mapper  
  • Merge Fields During Imports
  • Specify Assistants, Chart Breaks, Chart Collapse Points and Branch Styles During Import
  • Filter Data to Create Charts for Specific Departments or Levels 
  • Validate Data for Accuracy and Completeness

Here' what Organizational Charting can do for you

Automatically Create Data-Rich Org Charts
OrgPlus automatically imports employee information from virtually any source – including HR and ERP systems, ODBC, SQL Server, LDAP and Active Directory – and creates your org charts based on the data. Refine the look and feel of your charts to reflect your brand identity by using pre-built design templates and applying multiple effects.

Customize Charts
Once a chart has been automatically built, effortlessly polish the design with one of 36 pre-defined templates or create a new one from scratch. Work with a multitude of design tools and effects to create stunning, professional charts for your management team or board of directors.

Publish to a Corporate Intranet or Shared Network
Publish OrgPlus charts directly to your corporate intranet or shared network to view them interactively. Now any user can navigate, query, print or save charts.

Integrate With Microsoft Office
OrgPlus technology is embedded in Microsoft Office applications, ensuring compatibility with your existing software investments. Use Word or PowerPoint to publish and communicate charts, plus open and even edit OrgPlus-created files from within Microsoft Office. Even employees and managers who do not have OrgPlus installed can utilize charts to meet their planning and republishing needs.

Automate the Process
Refresh the chart data based on a schedule of your choice, and ensure that your employees always have the latest information. The process of communicating organizational information is completely automated.