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Strategic, channel & business partnerships strengthen Platinum HRM & strengthen your HR department

Partnership arrangements are available for companies looking for a great Human Relationship Management solution in Asia.

Strategic Partnerships
Platinum HRM's Strategic Partner Alliance Program ensures that our business software solutions are the most innovative, competitive and customer-centric solutions available today.   In addition to being closely aligned with all our product lines, including Ross ERP, Pivotal CRM and Supply Chain, we have a close alliance with HumanConcepts, a leading provider of on-demand workforce decision support solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Channel Partnerships
Channel Partners play an important role in our business development strategy, providing sales, implementation, training, support and customization services. We offer a comprehensive Partner Program to companies who match our commitment to deliver integrated enterprise business solutions that focus on improving competitive advantage.  Through a partnership, you will be able to deliver powerful and comprehensive solutions for the new economy, building higher levels of customer satisfaction and higher levels of profitability for your business. Our Channel Program has been designed to provide our Channel Partners the tools, resources and training to be successful in selling our software solutions. 

Business Partnerships
Implementing new systems requires a wide range of technology, services and skills. The reality being that no one company can effectively provide the 'total solution' including the hardware and peripherals, network infrastructure, operating system, application software and all the technical expertise to provide the necessary services and support.  We focus on business software solutions, and rely on our business partners to provide the technical infrastructure and services. The key to our and our business partners' success is our ability to work together and leverage each other's expertise.