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World’s Leading Feedback and Case Management Solution

Who it's for
For organizations of all sizes
What it solves
That want to enhance their customer relationships by providing timely responses to customer feedback
What it is

Respond is an enterprise case or complaint management software solution which is easily tailored to your unique processes delivered on-premise or in the cloud.

What you get

Respond offers a comprehensive platform for improving front line customer interactions, speeding case resolution and generating deep, introspective feedback on how you can do better as an organization. From the home page, Respond users can quickly and easily:

  • Open existing cases
  • Run searches
  • Log new cases
  • Manage workloads and resources
  • Access diaries
  • Run reports and generate charts
Why it's different
Many organizations are experiencing challenging market conditions including increased competition, commoditization and the need for innovative differentiation; the expanding gap between customers’ expectations and actual experience; and growing compliance and legislative demands. With the customer at the heart of the business, feedback and complaints play a vital role in reducing the gap between an organizations strategy and the actual customer experience. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, Respond offers a deep feature set to collect and assess feedback for your enterprise. With respond, feedback can act as a business barometer by exposing early warning signs of inherent problems and providing the insight to drive essential product, service and process improvements throughout the enterprise.
Why you need it

With a workflow that consistently captures customer feedback you can go from anecdotal to analytical and get to the root cause of customer satisfaction issues. Respond can be implemented quickly to begin generating tangible improvements in customer satisfaction and profitability, including:

  • Close the loop on customer feedback: Automate your end-to-end complaint and feedback management program to efficiently capture, process and resolve, as well as report on and analyze every piece of customer feedback, whether negative or positive, from all channels.
  • Go from anecdotal to analytical: Consistently aggregate, analyze and act on customer feedback, moving toward a more proactive customer experience management program.
  • Get to root causes: Understand why a customer had a positive or negative experience, so they can identify and correct the root cause before the same problem affects another customer.
  • Spot trends early: Analyze customer experiences to identify and act on hidden trends to improve customer experiences.
  • Deliver regulatory compliance: Meet regulatory requirements for complaint and feedback management.