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Industries & Customers

Solutions to your customer complaint & feedback management challenges

We recognize that each industry has its own requirements when it comes to Enterprise Feedback Management. Your customers are unique, as are your processes for serving them. Regardless of where you are located, or what sector you operate in, Respond EFM’s unique configurable solutions can help you listen to what your customers are telling you and act on that information.

Explore industry solutions

Financial Services

Provide a framework for enterprise feedback management in the high-stakes financial services industry with  Respond EFM, managing client feedback and addressing regulatory requirements.


Execute on your vision for a high level of service in your student and alumni relations with the workflow provided by Respond EFM.


Improve the services you deliver to citizens and implement a process for continued service improvement based on feedback from your stakeholders.


Reduce risk, increase efficiencies and improve the patient care experience by implementing a solution for managing patient complaints, incidents and feedback.


Develop a relationship with end consumers of your products and gather feedback to drive research and development efforts.

Travel & Transportation

Automate, simplify and streamline your processes while learning from customer feedback to build better, more profitable customer relationships.


Streamline the customer complaints process to improve customer responsiveness while learning from customer feedback to improve the processes you use to deliver service.