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Complaints & Feedback Management - attract & retain students with your approach to student services

As in other areas of life today, students have choice in where they take their business. In addition to expertise and their desired programs, students seek schools with strong reputations for both academic achievement and customer service. Implementing a complaint and feedback management solution can be the first, vital step to creating an effective, student-focused strategy that provides the high level of service you are trying to achieve.

Respond EFM helps you address student complaints and feedback effectively and efficiently, enabling you to unlock the value in student data by identifying the real source and cause of dissatisfaction. This visibility provides a valuable insight into where issues reside in order to reduce student dissatisfaction, improve service levels and enhance the student experience.

Key Features

  • Configurable user-interface
  • Process-driven workflow
  • Configurable workflows and processes
  • Reports and charts
  • Built-in search

Here is what Respond EFM can do for you

Automate Time-Consuming Administration

Capture and manage both informal and formal complaints through a streamlined and automated process.

Solicit Feedback

Provide a service that empowers students to log and track the status of complaints or feedback directly via your school's intranet.

Improve Student Services

Enhance the student experience by analyzing complaints to identify areas for improvement within student services and utilize the data to facilitate organizational learning.