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Retail Banking

A solution to help you manage high-volume customer feedback & complaints

Like any other financial services firm, your business is built on the relationships you foster with your clients. From that first savings account through mortgages and every interaction in-between your clients need to trust you with their money. The difference for you as a retail banker is volume. This makes ensuring a consistent client experience one of your biggest challenges.

With Respond, banks have been able to empower frontline staff, with a common, standard way of dealing with and managing complaints and feedback. At the same time, Respond gives you the flexibility to tailor your workflow to the different requirements of each individual department while providing management with the critical decision making data they need to identify the root cause of problems.

Key Features

  • Configurable User-Interface
  • Process-Driven Workflow
  • Configurable Workflows and Processes
  • Reports and Charts
  • Built-in Search

Here's what Respond can do for you

Extend Client Support Capabilities to Your Front Line Staff

With a clear, workflow-driven process for handling any kind of customer inquiry, your front-line staff can deliver more responsive service and increase the ratio of first-contact resolutions.

Pinpoint the Root Causes of Problems

The root cause of a persistent client satisfaction issue can be a challenge to identify. With Respond, you can quickly analyze large volumes of client feedback to identify the cause, and take action.