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A centralized process for managing citizen complaints & feedback

Initiatives to drive provision of better services to citizens while ensuring efficient use of resources continue to be a key focus for government organizations.  We work with both local and central government bodies and the respective ombudsmen to better understand the unique enterprise feedback management needs of public sector organizations.

Respond EFM gives you a government-wide solution for managing citizen complaints and feedback in a consistent, structured way. The solution automatically collects citizen feedback to help you spot trends and drive changes in processes for improved citizen service in the future. Whether it’s managing a complex complaint from a business or capturing a complement about a city gardening crew, Respond EFM has built-in workflow to address interactions with your citizens.

Dive into Respond EFM for Government solution

Central Government

Streamline and improve your process for managing the complaints and feedback of your voting public to fuel higher satisfaction and improved citizen relations.

Local Government

Analyze and track feedback, complaints, inquiries and service requests from your citizens to identify causes of dissatisfaction as well as opportunities to provide enhanced services.